Necessity is the mother of invention and that applies to companies.  To customers we say, when you are hungry, don’t go to grocery shops.  You might have tried granite, marbles and stones. Still, you are not getting the look that you are looking for. A recent addition in home décor is backlit slabs. Backlighting is basically the application of spring of light to the back of an object. Same principle is used in backlit slabs which catch the benefit of transparency of materials. It creates a cosmic effect and manifolds the treasure of setting. A number of home decorating companies are using this animated instrument to inside beautification. If you want a mystic and sophisticated touch in your room, these slabs will serve the same in no time.

Backlit slabs can revamp your negative mood swings and add a quotient of glamour and trendiness into your shabby home décor. We all know, lighting plays a vital role to the background of home. It enlightens the gloomy places and changes the temper of room. Lighting is a fine art and these backlit slabs are a fusion of appropriate use of light with a sense of beauty. Even some excellent pieces of artwork shine with light back. Any beautiful pieces of art make livelier all elements at home. These trendy slabs have arrested the attention of artistic home lovers. There is no standard size approach, so these could be tailor made as per requisition. Contrary to electrical lighting, backlighting is an indirect lighting practice.

backlit slab

Every designer is preoccupied with the use of utmost natural light. And then, rest is left on indirect lighting. This makes the ambience joyful and brings vigor by way of shadows, highlights and colors.  Home Lighting is always an important consideration, be new house or shifting of houses or it could be an aspiring redecoration. It is tough to point any area of interior decoration more significant than lighting.
Backlit slabs are judicious use of lighting without any direct effect giving a cool impression. It is lightening up your style in your way. Electrical lights simple illuminates, but backlit slabs dovetail fashion and functionality. It also promotes architectural features of your home which so far is unnoticed or under noticed.

Backlit slabs are an emerging tool of inside decoration. The way you apply, talks a lot on the frame of mind of the client and his aesthetic bend of mind.  A good interior designer can increase the effect of indirect lighting and produces a perfect mood set. Company in point is Sonic Stone with all its knowledge, expertise and mechanism in installing backlit slabs. Consultants have hands on experience in space planning, utilization, detailing and interior decoration. They offer customers a design that is practical, custom-made and trendy. They also keep a close tab on client’s budget so that they never feel like water over the dam.  Delivery is completed within two or three business days. They have rush services too.  Your one click to will bring the curtain down.

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